IJCAI 2022 Proceedings Submission

Camera ready versions of the 30th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence accepted papers will be processed through the IJCAI proceedings submission system at https://proceedings.ijcai.org.

Our editorial staff will ensure that your IJCAI paper satisfies several guidelines such as proceedings uniformity, PDF/A standardization, rich metadata and DOI registration/assignment, all while ensuring a high quality of the final outcome.

Accepted papers' contact authors must login at https://proceedings.ijcai.org and fulfill a series of steps per accepted paper before their deadline date. The steps are as follows:

Copyright Agreement

IJCAI must acquire proper copyright on your paper to publish it. The contact author must download the copyright assignment form and fill, print, sign, scan it and upload it in this step.

Paper Upload

Authors will have to upload the camera-ready PDF of their paper. The IJCAI proceedings system will then perform some automatic validations, convert the PDF to a PDF/A compliant one, and inform the user if it detects any anomaly.

The paper must follow the formatting guidelines specified in the IJCAI 2021 Formatting guidelines help package. Please use the included LaTeX/Word templates or make sure to adapt your sources to follow the same style.

Paper Sources

IJCAI also requires authors to upload the sources used to build the paper. The accepted formats are LaTeX or Word.

LaTeX sources will be uploaded as single .zip package containing all source files, figures and necessary style files. The package should contain everything necessary to build the camera-ready PDF, and should compile once unarchived, without having to update any file routes nor hardcoded information in the sources.

Word files can be uploaded in either .doc or .docx format, following the template included in the IJCAI 2021 Formatting guidelines help package.


We require the authors validate the metadata that was initially provided during the peer-review submission. The metadata collected here will be used to fill your PDF's metadata as well as to register a DOI for your paper. Notice that most search engines and archives use that metadata to find and index papers: proper formatting and information here will help make your paper more visible!

Paper Submission

Once all required information is filled in, you will be able to submit your paper for review. At this point, our editorial staff will review your paper to ensure that all information is correct, your paper looks great and that the PDF can be properly visualized on most devices.

Editorial Feedback

After our editors have finished reviewing your paper, you will receive and e-mail with the review feedback. At this point it may be necessary for you to make some amendments to improve its presentation quality and/or fit within IJCAI's proceedings.

(Optional) Extra Page Payment

If you have used extra content pages (see the FAQ for more info), now is the time to pay for them. You will be able to do so with a credit card and in the proceedings system itself.

Submission Finished

At this point your paper is ready for publication. Congratulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can my paper be?
May I purchase additional pages?

That depends on the track where your paper is to appear. The following table shows length limits, how many (if any) pages can be bought, and the cost per extra page for each track:

Track Maximum paper length Extra pages Extra page price
Main Track 6 content pages + 1 page containing only ethical impact/references 2 275 USD/page
Survey Track 6 content pages + 2 pages containing only ethical impact/references 2 275 USD/page
Sister Conferences Best Papers 4 content pages + 1 page containing only ethical impact/references - -
Doctoral Consortium 2 pages including ethical impact/references - -
Early Career 4 content pages + 1 page containing only ethical impact/references 1 275 USD/page
Demo Track 3 content pages + 1 page containing only ethical impact/references - -

If your track accepts extra pages and you are willing to buy them, prepare your paper with the extra length. Then, during the submission phase just upload your PDF with extra pages. After our reviewers approve your paper for publication, you will be asked to pay for any extra pages through the review system itself.

What content may I include in the last page?

If the above table says "n pages including references", then you can include anything you want in the last page. If it says "n content pages + 1 page containing only ethical impact/references" then the references page can only contain an ethical impact statement and the references (i.e.: no paper content nor acknowledgements are allowed in that page). Of course, in the latter case you may include the ethical impact statement and references on any of the content pages too.

I want to add/remove/replace an author. How can I do so?

You cannot. IJCAI's policy is that the set of authors must be the same as those submitting the paper. We asked a very precise question that you acknowledged at submission time:

"Check this box when the list of authors is complete. No additional name will be allowed after paper submission deadline has passed."

This is a strict policy that applies in all cases.

Is it possible to correct misspelled author names?

Yes, contact us at proceedings@ijcai.org and we will get any misspellings fixed. Do not forget to tell us your paper number and the corrections required!

I submitted my paper with some supplementary material. Can I submit it with my camera ready paper?

IJCAI does not publish supplementary material as such, so you have two options here:

  1. Add it as apendices of your paper before the ethical impact / references page(s). The content will count as paper content so you may have to buy extra pages for that.
  2. Use a footnote in the first page to point the reader to the supplementary material or an extended version of your paper uploaded elsewhere.
    However, remember that your paper must be self-contained. Any supplementary material referenced this way must be non-essential, meaning that a reader should not need it to understand your contribution.
    Finally, once your paper is published by IJCAI you must update that other version to include a reference back to the IJCAI paper.

Where I can find the style guidelines for my paper?

See the "paper upload" and "paper sources" sections above.

What are the requirements to access to the proceedings system?

You need a modern browser with javascript enabled. The system has been thoroughly tested with both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

My question is not answered here, what should I do?

Mail us at proceedings@ijcai.org and we will be glad to help any way we can.